About Me

Jason Flaks is the Senior Director of Product and Engineering for the Speech Analytics organization at Marchex. The Speech Analytics team is responsible for all Audio, Speech and Natural Language Processing related software and products at Marchex. Jason has 20+ years of experience in successfully leading, managing, and bringing to market audio and speech related software projects. He holds an MS degree from the University of Miami in Music Engineering and has over 30 patents granted in the audio and speech domains. Prior to joining Marchex Jason worked for Microsoft and was the primary driver of the speech and audio components of the Xbox Kinect and HoloLens products. Before Microsoft Jason worked for several years in the R&D divisions of Dolby Laboratories and Gibson Guitars.


  1. Semi-Supervised Model Training for Unbounded Conversational Speech Recognition
  2. Global Musical Instrument Communication Standard (GMICS): An Integrated Digital Audio and Control Communication Specification for Instruments
  3. Quality of Service (QoS) for Streaming Audio Over Wireless LANs
  4. RTP Payload Format for AC-3 Audio

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